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Hi I am Arabella Jolie, and I'm a white witch who's passionate about sharing the wonders of The Craft with others. I am fortunate to be part of an incredible community of white witches who like myself see the wonders that witchcraft brings to you and others. Magick happens - and we all have the gift to make it happen for us - it's about learning how to 'turn the switch on' so that your magickal light shines brightly too. To find out more and get 3 FREE SPELLS to get you started go to:http://www.whyte-witch.com. Or visit my blog at:http://whyte-witch.blogspot.com/

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    Witchcraft Spells

    6 years ago

    Witchcraft Spells - Will They Work For YOU? An understandable question. As for someone new or unfamiliar with witchcraft, it can seem all very daunting and mystical. And witches do like to keep an air of mystery :-)...

  • 26

    Wiccan Spells

    3 years ago

    Wiccan Spells - What Makes Them So Powerful? Wiccan Spells are slightly different to Witchcraft spells, in that they originate from the Pagan religion known as Wicca. This pagan religion has been around since 1954...

  • 101

    Wicca Spells

    6 years ago

    Wicca Spells - How To Cast Them Successfully The most important ingredient of any spell is love! (Gillian Kemp - The Good Spell Book) And that love comes from you the spell caster. So I often focus directly there. If...

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    Wicca Beginners Guide

    6 years ago

    Wicca is one form of witchcraft. And many Wiccans are not actually practicing witches. So you can be wiccan and not practice the craft. And you can be a witch and not be wiccan. And of course you can be both. Wicca...

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    Free Witch Spells

    6 years ago

    Free Witch Spells That Will Work - When You Know The Secret To Success Not surprisingly people want a guarantee that a spell is going to work. They often expect that it is this powerful thing outside of themselves...

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    How To Become A Witch

    6 years ago

    Is actually very easy. You are a witch as soon as you choose to call yourself one. Many claim to be, or think you have to be "born a witch". No-one is 'born' a witch. People may be born into a family that...

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    Beginner Witchcraft

    6 years ago

    I am often asked "How do I begin?" My answer is simple: Just START What that means is immerse yourself in some reading - it doesn't matter which book is your first book, as long as there is a book. ...

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    Free Easy Love Spells

    6 years ago

    Free Easy Love Spells The number one spell people ask for is a love spell. Often it is to get a certain person to come back to them. Or to have someone suddenly notice them in a more amorous way. Both of these...

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    Free Witchcraft Spells

    6 years ago

    Here's Some Free Witchcraft Spells For You Not surprisingly people want a guarantee that a spell is going to work. They often expect that it is this powerful thing outside of themselves and that with a blink...

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    Love Spells That Work

    6 years ago

    Love Spells That Work One of the most important things to know and respect with Love Spells is that you MUST NEVER divine against another's free will. In Wiccan terms to do so will invoke the Rule Of Three - that...

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